Indirect lighting system LEDPIYER® is a revolutionary invention for the world. Ceiling indirect lighing system LEDPIYER®’s design and reasons of its occurrence; it have been carefully designed and produced considering many reasons as enhancing the environment in terms of architectural, its ability to spread the light uniformly that provides lightening with required color and power within the area, that it provides solution to hide various cables which were added to the structure later, that it doesn’t reveal excavation waste and doesn’t need paint, easy to mount and economic factors and many other countless reasons.

LEDPIYER® consists of decorative special alloyed plastic and aluminium profiles in variable forms, patterns, color and dimensions which allows to place various LEDs which provides indirect lighting illumination. It can be mounted to all type roof or wall easily. It bears the decoration to different dimension combining illumination system with the construction.


 To carry the illumination in structures to a whole new level.

To lower the cost of power usage to minimum.

To distribute indirect lighting unlike the other illumination sources.

To hide the external cables from the place.

Specially in the places where the ceiling height is insufficient, to help the illumination without the need of lowering the ceiling.

To give a priviliged look to the place whilst indirect lighting.

 To minimize the application costs.