Cornice lighting systems are vastly picked amongst other traditional lighting systems like bulbs or center of the room oriented lighting systems. It is impossible that a life in a building without illumination in our day especially when cornice lighting is so much popular. Thus buildings need to be illuminated with various lighting systems. Carton-pierre and decorative curbs which one of indispensable elements of construction industry, are used in almost all buildings. And we produced Led-lighted carton-pierre and culb profiles LEDPIYER® which developed and patented by us piecing together these two indispensable elements.

Cornice lighting system LEDPIYER® is a revolutionary invention for the world. LEDPIYER®‘s design and reasons of its occurrence; it have been carefully designed and produced considering many reasons as prettifying the environment in terms of architectural, its ability to spread the light uniformly that provide lightening with required color and power within the space, that it provides solution to hide various cables which were added to the buildings later, that it doesn’t reveal excavation waste and doesn’t need painting. It’s easy to mount, it’s cheap and many other countless reasons are there to choose cornice lighting system LEDPIYER®.

LEDPIYER® consists of decorative special alloyed plastic and aluminium profiles in variable forms, patterns, color and dimensions which allows to place various LEDs which provides illumination. It can be mounted to all type roof or wall easily. It bears the decoration to different dimension combining cornice lighting system with the construction.


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Carton-pierre, curbs and jambs which used for decoration and illumination on roofs and walls are generally produced from materials as plaster, foam or wood. In ceiling floor applications, these are produced from materials as drywall, betopan, PVC panel, rock wool etc. Usage areas required hygiene of some of these materials are limited and impose extra weight to the building. They take too much space where they are used. Their mounting applications are very loud and takes too much time to complete. Too much construction waste is produced while they are being mounted. Their costs for material, shipping, transportation, stock and labor are high. In addition, lifetimes of current carton-pierre, jambs and curbs are shorter because of deformation from water, moisture, damp and heat and it is needs to be painted frequently.