Indirect ceiling lighting system LEDPIYER® brings different privilege to environments with its decorative appearance and glorious light which it spreads to the space.

It provides preferred decorative or general environment illumination between 20 LUX and 350 LUX.

It isn’t affected by moisture and dump and doesn’t make mold, bacteria or infestation. It doesn’t fall from the place it is mounted in time. It doesn’t get dirt or are not damaged during painting or covering of wall and roof surfaces.

Ceiling lighting system LEDPIYER® is mounted faster than all other applications, clean, without waste and noise. For there are not deformations as breakage and casting from application on surface of application places during mounting, additional applications like paint etc. aren’t needed on current surfaces covered by materials as paint etc. Its mounting can be made with a low number of personnel and team easily. Materials, shipping, stock and labor costs are lower than traditional illumination and indirect ceiling lighting cornice systems.

In inner spaces with insufficient roof heights, it provides illumination without lowering the roof where indirect ceiling lighting is wanted.

Indirect Ceiling Lighting - Color range

It prevents space loss and visual pollution for it doesn’t take place on roof and wall on the environment. It enriches decoration of where it is in visually. In addition, because of its lightness, it doesn’t impose additional weight over buildings statically. Its easy to do maintenance and can be easily cleaned by wiping.

It can make indirect ceiling lighting effects in various colors in addition to general illumination and dimmers. It can be controlled by remote control devices or computer.

It provides additional tangible saving to user for It reduces electricity consumption for lighting to minimum and doesn’t need electricity panel drawing low current.

There is not a dirt or smut formation on the surface applied from the heat for LEDPIYER® doesn’t produce the heat as far as other light sources. For it works with 12/24 V energy, there are not any risks like exploding bulbs, short circuits, electric shocks from leakage. Thanks to this feature, it can be used in places as bathrooms and places which has fire hazard.

LEDs used in LEDPIYER® are environment friendly because they doesn’t spread harmful rays and radiations which all other lamp types does and doesn’t include any harmful elements for human and nature. Thanks to these features, it doesn’t have any harmful effect to surface textures where it is applied by lighting of the system in the environments. It is used for indirect ceiling lighting of historical buildings and artifacts.

There is no need for another additional light source in places where LEDPIYER® is used.