Ceiling lighting system LEDPIYER® consists of four parts as upper profile, middle connective profile, led illumination system connected to this profile and front cover. Upper profile and front cover are special component plastic. Middle connective profile is produced from aluminum which combine other parts and at the same time provided a cooler for leds which mounted over it. Leds which provides illumination have longer lifetime than all other illumination elements and consumes very little energy.

Technical Specifications - Cornice Lighting Systems

Raw material of upper and cover profile are used in areas as production of refrigerator and washing machine parts, radio and television cases, toy and household goods commonly. Aluminum which is middle connective profile are used in industry, buildings and our all life field. Resistance of these profiles are fairly high and durable against impacts. They doesn’t affect from moisture and dump. They provides additional safety thanks to flame retarder and smoke suppressor features. They doesn’t have radioactive and carcinogenic materials and because of this, they can be used in everywhere safely. They are produced using environment friendly technologies and applying prescribed quality control processes..